The brand


The Killian Beauquis adventure was born from my passion for jewelry, these small objects of adornment. As well as my attraction to a clean, sparkling and unisex aesthetic that I really appreciate.


Mission : Invent, inspire, experiment in order to offer a range of jewelry for everyone, using quality raw materials, know-how accumulated over the years and a lot of love. Gather, share, adapt. Our jewelry is designed in France, in Paris, as close as possible to you, to remain a family and continue this unique adventure together.

Vision : For us, jewelry is much more than just accessories. For millennia, they have been loaded with profound symbols whose meanings vary from one culture to another, but which share a common power. Today, jewelry sets us apart, sets us apart. They are sometimes the material manifestation of attachment, often revealing the love we carry. That's why we decided to create our little wonders.

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